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Criminal Defense Lawyers and Attorneys in Westchester County, New York

A man arrested awaits the judge to use his gavel to render a decision.If you are facing criminal charges in Westchester County, New York, you may be overwhelmed and not know what next steps you should take. Criminal convictions carry heavy consequences—from jail time to a criminal record that could follow you and impact your job prospects for years to come. If you are under arrest, you have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, the state must provide one for you. However, as many recent reports have shown, public defenders are often overwhelmed with cases and seldom have the time to give every case the attention and time it requires or deserves. For instance, according to Mother Jones, public defenders in New Orleans only have an estimated 7 minutes to spend on each case they handle. In Atlanta, public defenders may have less than an hour. The fact that you are entitled to be appointed a lawyer, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll receive top quality representation. In fact, many overworked public defenders advise their clients to take a plea deal. While plea deals are certainly valuable in some instances, they are not always a client’s best option.

If you are facing criminal charges in Westchester County, New York, you need a criminal defense lawyer who has the time to offer your case the personalized attention and time it deserves. Darren DeUrso is a defense attorney in Westchester County, New York who understands the unique challenges that individuals face as they navigate the criminal justice system. Our firm can perform independent investigations, evaluate the evidence the state has gathered against you, and fight to have your charges dropped or reduced, depending on your circumstances. When you need a lawyer who will leave no stone unturned, you need Darren DeUrso, criminal defense attorney in Westchester County, NY.

Should I Take a Plea Deal in Westchester County, NY?

If you are facing criminal charges, the state may offer you a plea deal to avoid the cost of taking your case to court. In some instances taking a plea deal could be a wise course of action. Sometimes accepting reduced jail time and charges is a better option than risking a court trial, especially if the state has strong evidence against you. However, if you are innocent, if officers mishandled evidence, if you were wrongfully arrested, or if you dispute the charges against you, your choice to plead guilty could potentially be a big mistake. For instance, if you plead guilty to even a misdemeanor charge, you could carry a criminal record for years to come. Having a criminal record can affect many aspects of your life—from car insurance, to job prospects, to even your ability to travel abroad. If you are facing criminal charges, it is a good idea to speak to a qualified criminal defense lawyer in Westchester County, NY like Darren DeUrso. In some cases, individuals plead guilty to crimes, not aware that law enforcement has little to no evidence to support a case in court. It is important to understand what is at stake and what evidence the state has against you before you make a choice that could impact your life forever. Before you plead guilty, speak to Darren DeUrso, defense lawyer in Westchester, NY.

Building an Effective Defense for a Range of Criminal Charges in Westchester County, NY

Whether you are facing DWI charges, criminal traffic accident charges, drug crime charges, or other charges, Darren DeUrso is a defense lawyer in Westchester County, NY who can fight for your rights. Our firm can review the way police handled your case. Were you stopped lawfully? Were your civil rights violated? Were you read your Miranda rights? These factors could play a role in whether your charges will stand up in court. Darren DeUrso can also review the evidence the state has gathered. Our firm can speak to witnesses, revisit the scene of the alleged crime, and help you build a strong defense. There are many strong defense strategies for DWI charges, drug charges, and other serious charges. A lawyer qualified to handle your case can assist you. Contact Darren DeUrso, a defense lawyer in Westchester County, NY today to protect your rights.

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Facing Criminal Charges? Speak to a Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

Criminal charges are a serious matter. Your freedom, your rights, your civil liberties, your reputation, and your future are on the line. You could face jail time or probation. You could end up with a felony or a misdemeanor on your record. However, you are innocent until proven guilty. Darren DeUrso is a criminal defense lawyer in Westchester County, NY who understands what is at stake in every case the firm handles. We offer compassionate and caring representation to individuals navigating the criminal justice system. We’ll listen to your story, review your case file, and work hard to protect your rights. When you need a hard-working lawyer on your side, you need Darren DeUrso. Contact us today for an initial consultation. We can offer you a roadmap forward.