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Can an Officer Charge Me with DWI if I Took a Prescription Medication Before Driving?

There are many individuals living in White Plains, NY all who suffer from various medical conditions that require them to consume prescription medication. Although it is not illegal for an individual to take medications prescribed to them by a licensed physician, it is when the medication is taken before they get behind the wheel of… Read More »

My Driving Privileges Have Been Suspended. Now What?

If your driving privileges or license has been suspended as a result of receiving a serious traffic violation or multiple traffic violations, you may be seeking additional information about your recent suspension. When an individual in New York State has their license suspended, the suspension period is either definite or indefinite. What is the difference… Read More »

Police Agencies in Westchester Prepare for the Holidays by Initiating STOP-DWI Campaign

As we enter into the month of December and prepare for many of the most anticipated holidays to arrive, drivers need to be aware that the Department of Public Safety and other police agencies located in Westchester are preparing to heavily enforce the state’s DWI laws. Tap Into reported that the agencies have already begun… Read More »

How Do I Get My Criminal Charge Sealed?

In the state of New York, there are no laws that exist that allow an individual to erase or expunge their criminal record. Instead, an individual may be eligible to get their case sealed which means their record will still exist, however, “all related fingerprint and palmprint cards, booking photos, and DNA samples may be… Read More »

What are Some Risky Situations Teens Place Themselves in that Often Lead to an Arrest?

When a child enters into their teen years, they often find themselves transitioning from a “child” into an early adolescent, and with this sometimes comes an individual who carries a “more negative attitude,” is “more active and passive resistant,” and will “often test the limits to see what can be gotten away with” [Source: Psychology… Read More »

What Happens After I’m Placed on Probation?

When a convicted offender is placed on probation it means their sentence is suspended given they display good behavior while under the supervision of a probation officer. Many individuals who have been charged with a crime(s) often request that they be placed on probation as the only other alternative to it involves them having to… Read More »

Could I Be Charged with DWI if My BAC Level is Below .08?

Yes, you could face a drunk driving charge if you are caught operating your vehicle with a BAC level below .08 and here’s why.

Can My License Be Suspended After Being Issued a Traffic Citation in NY?

If you have been issued a non-criminal traffic ticket in White Plains and you haven’t yet paid it, it is important to understand that if you fail to respond to the ticket, you risk having your license suspended. The fact is, once an officer issues you a traffic violation ticket, which could have been for… Read More »

California-Based Company Plans to Release Breathalyzer Device in NY that Detects Marijuana Usage in Drivers

Is it enough to convince Governor Andrew Cuomo to legalize marijuana for recreational use?

Understanding Your Sentence After Being Convicted of a Crime in New York

After you have been charged and convicted of a crime in NY, you will then be sentenced and faced with the consequences that offense carries. Now, you need to understand that each crime carries different penalties and depending on what it was that got you into this predicament will determine how a judge will sentence… Read More »