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Family Law/Matrimonial Law

A steady hand for your family law case

No branch of the law requires a steadier hand than family law.  In this emotionally-charged environment, decisions can potentially devaste the family and the children.  With a stabilizing ability, he can help you see through the veil of emotion to understand your legal options and the best course of action for you and your family.

Darren DeUrso has been conscientiously representing the rights and best interests of children since 1993. He takes this work seriously and devotes his personal time to children as a council member of the Law Guardian Association in Westchester County. 

In the family courts of Westchester and Putnam Counties—New Rochelle, White Plains, and Yonkers—Darren works hard every day to handle every aspect of family law:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Visitation
  • Orders of protection
  • Violation of orders
  • Relocation petitions
  • Neglect and abuse petitions
  • Guardian ad litem
  • Adoptions
  • Grandparent visitations
  • Fathers rights
  • Family offense petitions
  • Judicial surrender of parental rights
  • Child Protective Services (CPS) Investigations

In the best interests of the child

The dissolution of a marriage, post-divorce modifications, and other family law matters deeply affect children, who often are unable to voice their own needs.  These children benefit from passionate, experienced, and sensitive advocacy to protect their rights. Whether parents are married or unmarried, Darren DeUrso understands the unique qualities of every family situation and deftly and diligently works to a legal resolution that represents the best interests of the child.

The New York family courts base custody decisions on the best interests of the child when parents are unable to come to agreement. The court considers the following to award primary custody:

  • The availability of parents to the child
  • The physical and emotional health of the parents
  • Evidence of child abuse or neglect
  • The home environments of both parents
  • A parent’s willingness to encourage the child’s relationship with the other parent
  • The preferences of the child, if the child is mature enough to articulate them
  • The child’s primary caretaker to date
  • Any agreement between the parents

Both parents are bound by the judge’s custody order.  Any modification orders, though, must also proceed through the courts.

Matrimonial law

We also represent clients with their pre-nuptial agreements, divorce, property settlement, and post-nuptial agreements needs.

To start the divorce process in New York, you or your spouse needs to file an Action for Divorce in the supreme court for the county in which the filing spouse resides. The other spouse is served with the paperwork and has time to respond.  If you both agree about property and debt division, child custody, and child support provisions, your divorce can be finalized without a trial.  But if you cannot agree, the court will set time for a hearing.  Often, resentment, anger, and blame will flare, making it difficult for either party to come to an agreement that serves all parties to satisfaction.  Heart-wrenching decisions and judgments can ensue unless you have an attorney like Darren DeUrso, whose even-keeled temperament can help you keep your focus on the best, logical solutions for your family.

You are in steady hands when Darren DeUrso represents you in family court.

Let an experienced, compassionate family law and matrimonial law attorney advocate zealously for your rights. Contact Darren DeUrso today through this convenient online form or simply call 914-772-8614.

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