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What Are the Long-Term Consequences of a DWI Conviction?

In the state of New York, a DWI conviction can bring with it severe penalties including mandatory fines, jail time, and a lengthy license revocation. Unfortunately, these court-imposed penalties are not the only consequences of a DWI.

How Can I Avoid Arrest during a Traffic Stop?

Routine traffic stops should always be just that—routine—but sometimes motorists say or do something that ends up escalating the situation, resulting in an arrest. Even if you did not commit an egregious crime, the criminal justice system is unpredictable,

What Are the 3 Standardized Field Sobriety Tests? Insights from a DUI Attorney in White Plains

In the 1970s, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration backed a series of studies to determine scientifically validated ways to identify intoxication. According to the American Automobile Association, the resulting battery of tests identified 90 percent of inebriated

New York State Upholds Lifetime License Revocation for Repeat Offenders—Insights from a DWI Lawyer in White Plains

In 2012, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo implemented an initiative to prevent repeat DWI offenders from getting their driver’s license reinstated. With these rules, the state of New York has one of the most aggressive approaches to protecting drivers

How Can I Avoid Getting a Traffic Ticket over Memorial Day Weekend?

Families across the country take advantage of the three-day weekend that accompanies Memorial Day by welcoming summer with a trip to the coast or to see their loved ones in neighboring states. If you plan on hitting the road,

Why Should I Hire an Attorney to Fight a Traffic Infraction?

If police give you a ticket for committing a moving violation, you may consider paying it and forgetting about it. Although this is certainly the path of least resistance, most motorists do not realize that disputing a ticket can

What Information Will Appear on My New York Driving Record?

Your driving record can have far-reaching effects on your career and rights, so if you are facing charges for a traffic violation, it is always worth exploring the defense options. Serious offenses can remain on your driving record for

Police Officer Faces Felony DWI, Cocaine Possession Charges in New York

The Journal News reports that a police officer in New York is currently facing felony DWI charges after he allegedly drove drunk with a child in the vehicle while off duty. Police arrested the 46-year-old cop after receiving

When Do Police Have Probable Cause to Conduct a DWI Stop?

As a citizen of the United States, you have certain rights when it comes to criminal justice proceedings. For example, police must have probable cause to pull you over and conduct a traffic stop.


How Can I Prevent My Teen from Drinking and Driving on Prom Weekend?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 10 high school teens drinks and drives. Although drunk driving is dangerous for all age groups, young adults between the ages 16 and 20 are 17 times